Through the hand-pulled print and photographic documentation, I examine the place of lived experience at the intersection of nature and self.

I am interested in the social, cultural, and historical factors that influence the particularity of places impacted by human activity. My work explores the complexity of historically rich places in terms of both objective materialities and subjective perception. Apparent absences, institutional encoded messaging on landmarks, fences and walls in contested sites, and the natural and human-made detritus challenge our reading of any altered landscape. My work addresses these complications by incorporating representations that fail in interesting ways, by revealing productive tensions between orientation and disorientation, by contrasting frozen moments and narrative extension, by obfuscating the differences between original and copy, and by combining image and text. This multi-media picturing of the landscape, as place directly experienced, is a complex negotiation between materials, historic fact, perceptual nuance, and mediated image. My work conveys layered multi-dimensionalities in the experience of place, and consequently reformulates nature, culture, and self through an act of implacement.